Ways to Invest




Ways to Invest

We have Hatter Backers who support our program in all different ways and we want it to be as easy as possible to support Hatter Athletics. Below you can see some of the ways to invest in our program, but if you have any questions or another idea for a way you can contribute, please do not hesitate to let us know:

Hatter Athletic Fund
421 N. Woodland Blvd., Unit 8359
DeLand, FL 32723
(386) 738-6707
Annual Gift

Becoming a Hatter Backer is as easy as clicking here and filling out the information to designate a gift to Athletics. You can make your annual gift through a check, debit card, credit card, or stock transfer.


For those who wish to pledge their support to Hatter Athletics over a period of time, we offer options to pledge gifts for up to 5 years. This can be an automatic monthly payment, quarterly contributions, or annual payments. Whatever helps you make your biggest impact on Hatter Athletics and our student-athletes is what we will work to make happen.

Stock Transfer

Turn your original investment into an investment in Hatter Athletics! Transferring stock is a great opportunity to support Hatter Athletics and works just like a cash gift. It can be used to pay for tickets, to make a gift to the Hatter Athletic Fund, or to pay towards a pledge.

Planned Gifts

Planned gifts are a great way to leave a lasting legacy with Hatter Athletics. Planned gifts can include:

  • Gifts of Financial Assets
  • Gifts of Real Estate
  • Gifts of Retirement Assets
  • Gifts of Insurance

For more information on planned gifts, please visit Stetson University's Office of Gift Planning here.

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