Stetson Athletics Donation Requests & Promotional Activities Approval

Promotional Activity Approval Form
Stetson Athletics Donation Request Form

The Stetson University Department of Athletics diligently attempts to fulfill all requests for items benefiting charitable causes and/or fundraising events. Supporting the community in this manner is important to Stetson University. Requesting organizations are limited to institutional, charitable, educational or nonprofit organizations. These organizations may submit a donation request for one (1) event per year to be considered for a charitable donation by the Stetson University Department of Athletics.

Items donated are based on availability and at the discretion of Stetson Athletics. We are asked to support many worthwhile charitable causes each year, and we make every effort to accommodate as many requests as possible. However, due to the number of requests, we simply are unable to accommodate all requests that fit our guidelines.

Tickets donated are limited to home regular season events, excluding neutral site, away, or post-season events. Submitting a form does not guarantee the request will be fulfilled. Incomplete forms will not be considered. Phone requests will also not be accepted.

Please note: Due to NCAA rules, proceeds may not benefit any prospective student-athlete, parents of a student-athlete, teachers and/or coaches. The NCAA defines a prospective student-athlete as someone who is in the 9th - 12th grade. Items will not be donated to any entity that benefits a junior college, prep school or high school. Transfers of Stetson Athletics merchandise, property and resources to other organizations or individuals are governed by a number of NCAA rules and procedures. Th donation request form helps ensure compliance with these rules.

Requests for donations and/or autographed items now must be accompanied by a Stetson Athletics donation request form ONE (1) MONTH before the item is needed.

For questions, please contact Zack Hurst, Assistant Director for Athletic Marketing/Promotions at

Thank you for your interest and we truly appreciate your support! Go Hatters!