Hatter Rewards

Hatter Rewards

What is the Hatter Rewards App and how do I download it?

 The Hatter Rewards App is a fan loyalty and engagement app filled with prizes, interactive promotions and friendly competition. Push notifications through the app will also allow for important game updates or event information as needed. The app is free to download to your smartphone from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store, simply search Hatter Rewards.

What are points and coins? 

 When you attend or participate in various events throughout the year, you will receive points and coins that are attached to these events. Points will help you climb the ranks of the leaderboard for chances to win grand prizes at the end of the year. Coins are what you can spend on prizes throughout the year. Points and coins are always 1:1 when it comes to earning them from attending events. For example, if you attend a soccer game worth 10 points, you will also receive 10 coins. There is no need to wait until the end of the year to purchase your prizes in the app. If you spend your coins, you will not lose leaderboard ranking.

Points will reset on July 1 of every year. Coins will never reset so that you can continue building up for the prizes you want most. 

 How do I earn points and coins? 

Earn points and coins by checking into events you attend or participate in! Events added to the app may be in-person or virtual. On the home screen, tap on Events, then tap on the event you're currently attending. Tap the "Check in to this Event" button at the top of the screen. You may have to allow permissions to use the GPS. Once we've verified you're at the game, you get points just for being there! You may also be able to earn extra points for sharing your check in on social media, or uploading photos to FanCam. Also, turn your notifications on as you may get bonus chances to earn points from time to time! If the event is virtual, there may also be a QR code to scan for you to earn your points. The number of points/coins associated with each event will be listed.

How do I know how many points I have? 

You can check your point total at any time by tapping on the Rewards icon. At the top, it will tell you what place you're currently in and how many points you've already racked up. You can always get more by attending more events!

What do points and coins get me? 

 When you click on the Rewards tab, you will notice that there are two different categories: Awards and Prizes.

Awards will be given to the Top 3 individuals with the most points every year. You can see what these awards are by clicking the tab. Typically, they will be different gift card amounts to a place of your choice with a few exceptions. These Top 3 individuals will also be recognized at a game of their choice (pregame, ceremonial first pitches, etc.) the following season. 

Prizes can be purchased with coins. To see what items are available, click the Prizes tab. Some prizes have limited quantity so you might need to be quick! Remember, coins will not reset so that you can save up for the prizes that you want most.

I’m at the venue but I can’t check in! 

Oh no! Sometimes this happens when you have bad cell signal, or when your phone thinks you might be somewhere a little different than where you actually are. But don't worry! Sometimes trying again helps your phone more accurately locate you. Still not having any luck? Send us a note with the event you were unable to check in to and we'll make it right.

Are athletic staff members or independent contractors eligible for rewards?

 While this app is meant to engage all of our fans, athletics staff and independent contractors are not permitted to be Award Winners (Top 3 Fan Awards). If this applies to you, you are still able to cash in your coins for the various prize items.

Other Questions?

 If you have other questions that aren’t listed here or would like to arrange for a time to pick up your prizes, please reach out to our Marketing/Promotions Graduate Assistant, Augusta Thramer at athramer1@stetson.edu.