Strength & Conditioning

Strength & Conditioning


"Mentally, physically and emotionally prepare student-athletes for "championship" competition through the "team work" culture created in the weight room during lifting and conditioning."


  1. Develop the best sports specific training programs for our athletes.
  2. Provide expert coaching and supervision to all varsity sports.
  3. Offer a demanding, intense environment in which athletes are eager to train.
  4. Provide a safe, clean environment.
  5. Provide a modern well-kept facility.

Training Program:
  1. Develop a strength and conditioning program for all sports programs that will:
    1. Promote increased muscular strength for improved performance with a subsequent increase in joint stability and integrity of all supportive structures, tendons, ligaments and bones.
    2. Reduce the number of injuries as well as assist in the rehabilitation of the injured athletes.
    3. Increase functional muscular mass, thereby enhancing the athlete's power output.
    4. Improve muscle endurance.
    5. Improve cardio-vascular/cardio-pulmonary efficiency.
    6. Improve student-athletes functional range of motion.
    7. Improve student-athletes quickness and speed.
    8. Educate student/athletes regarding maintenance of long-term health and fitness.
    9. Allow for the development of testing protocols to identify strengths and weaknesses of the team and/or individual players. Test results will be recorded within individual profiles to monitor the progress of all athletes within the program.
    10. Promote an environment that is safe and well supervised.
The following four guidelines are used to develop all Strength and Conditioning programs:
  1. Purposeful - Every repetition, set, and workout has a purpose
  2. Prudent - Any and all exercises utilized must be developmentally appropriate and medically safe.
  3. Practical - The program should not be unnecessarily confusing or complicated.
  4. Safe - The program should utilize exercises/protocols which can be performed with a high degree of safety.

Stetson University Strength & Conditioning
Director of Strength & Conditioning: Mark Wateska
Assistant Director of Strength & Conditioning: Spencer Phillips

Assistant Strength Coach: Allison Zaccheo

Athletic Training Center Weight Room (with photo gallery)